General Cargo Services

Himalaya Airlines launched its general cargo service includes the swiftest airport-to-airport transport service for a wide variety of product lines, which includes garments, textiles, fabrics, spare parts, documents and samples (courier bags) and technological products. 
We believe that security, efficiency and service quality are the major factors towards achieving our goal of satisfying customers. We are continuously improving our services through the feedback we get and continue to add to our product offerings.
Himalaya Airlines currently operates across various locations cross the world. Customers can book cargo through our authorized GSA.


Himalaya Airlines is currently operating passenger flights to prominent countries of Middle East & South Asia: UAE, Malaysia, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

In August 2020, Himalaya Airlines secured its first ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems (QMS) confirming Himalaya Airlines’ competency in providing Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering services in line with the Airline’s vision of offering highest possible standards in every area of its operation. Click here to know more about our network.

On December 29 2021, Himalaya Airlines became the first airline in Nepal to successfully achieve ISO 9001-2015 QMS certification. The airlines received the certificate in recognition of the organization’s Quality Management System (QMS) complying with ISO 9001-2015. The ISO certificate has been earned for “Providing Air Transport for Traveling Passengers and Freight, including Aviation Related Training Services.” The achievement demonstrates the team’s dedication to high performance work practices and a confirmation of the airlines’ ongoing commitment to quality.

Cargo Booking Norms

  • Cargo is accepted and transported as per IATA rules.
  • Packing of the shipments should be air worthy to withstand normal handling during transit.
  • The shipper is expected to provide proper declaration of the shipments with respect to its content and value.
  • Shipments booked on prime rate takes precedence over general cargo.
  • Chargeable weight will be determined by the actual gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.
  • The gross weight of single shipment should not exceed 85 kgs for common cargo.
  • The origin station should receive prior intimation regarding the weight, dimensions and other particulars in case of heavy/or odd dimension shipments.
  • Palletization of heavy shipments is compulsory.
  • Liquid and semi liquid consignments will be accepted only if packed in accordance with IATA standards.
  • Dangerous goods are prohibited for carriage.