A. General Passenger Information

1.Contact Information:

2.Travel Information

3.How often do you fly?

4.What is the purpose of your trip?

5.How did you come to know about Himalaya Airlines?

6.Why did you choose Himalaya Airlines?

7.How did you issue your ticket?

8.Were you made aware about the pre-book services?


Excess Baggage

Seat Selection

9.Will you recommend Himalaya Airlines to your friends and family?

Rate the following on a scale of 1-5

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5.Very Good

Efficiency of check-in procedure

Courtesy / Professionalism of Airlines Check-In Personnel

Cabin Crew

Onboard Communication / Understanding of Language

Inflight Magazine

Cleanliness of Aircraft

Space for Baggage Storage

Comfort of Seating

Quality of Refreshments

Punctuality of Flight

Value for Money

Overall Experience

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5.Strongly Disagree

You are satisfied with the warmth and courtesy of our sales representative.

You are satisfied with the management of our Sales Counter.

You are satisfied with the time taken at the counter.

You are satisfied with the overall customer service.

You would come to Himalaya Sales Counter for future services.

E. Overal suggestion and feedback