In Pursuit of Proper Practice!

Performance and Proper Practice is one of the key guiding principles of the company’s corporate culture. Adhering to which, Himalaya Airlines holds zero tolerance towards any kind of corruption and upholds to follow its anti-corruption policies across the company. In its pursuit of relentless fight against the corrupt practices, a specially set up Anti-Corruption Unit of the company, looks into all sorts of misconducts / wrongdoings of its staff in overall business activities.

Himalaya Airlines

A compliance program therefore is in place for its commitment with judicious reporting system as the backbone. To consolidate this backbone further, the company seeks to collect information from its valuable stakeholders, including agencies, business co-partners, vendors, customers, etc. of any misconducts made by its employees in any kind of collaborative business activities or service provisions.

Himalaya AirlinesWith concerted efforts, the company pursues to ensure that its business practices conform to all applicable laws, regulations and business codes of conduct, and fair service is provided to all esteemed stakeholders wherein its employees work with honesty and integrity throughout all business collaborations.Himalaya Airlines

Himalaya Airlines

Please feel free to drop your complaints by filling up the “Non-Compliance Reporting Form” or send mail directly to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Non-Compliance Reporting Form

  1. The details I have provided are true & correct to the best of my knowledge.
  2. Himalaya Airlines may disclose or authorize to disclose information to authorized personnel likely to assist in the administration or enforcement of a law of a State or a Territory. This includes referring my complaint, or aspects of my complaint, including any information obtained while investigating my complaint.
  3. The information provided in my complaint form may be used for statistical research, monitoring and evaluation that may be carried out by Himalaya Airlines.

The above information is confidential and no record of your identity will be disclosed. You may be contacted for additional information prior to submitting the information to the Anti-Corruption Investigation Process.

If you have problems submitting this form, please download this form and send as an email attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.