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Journey Commencing To/From Kuwait

Kathmandu (KTM) – Kuwait (KWI)
Economy : 30 KG

Kuwait (KWI) – Kathmandu (KTM)
Economy : 40 KG

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  • Kuwait Well known as the economic, cultural, and political capital of Kuwait, Kuwait City sits on the shores of Persian Gulf. It is a mixture of exclusive Western-style hotels, designer shopping malls, traditional Islamic architecture, street markets, and still war-torn buildings. The painted steel Kuwait Towers are the symbol of the city, and feature a viewing platform and restaurant looking out over Kuwait.

    Kuwait City is therefore, a bustling metropolis of high-rise office buildings, luxury hotels, wide boulevards and well-tended parks and gardens. Its seaport is used by oil tankers, cargo ships and many pleasure craft. The city is also termed as “The Jewel of the Middle East”.

    Around Kuwait

    Kuwait Towers
    Kuwait Towers are a group of three thin towers in Kuwait City, standing on a promontory into the Persian Gulf. They are the sixth, and last group in the larger Kuwait Water Towers system of 34 towers (33 store water; one stores equipment), and were built in a style considerably different from the other five groups.
    Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre
    The Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre, informally known as Kuwait Opera House is the largest cultural center of Middle East. It is a part of the Kuwait National Cultural District to showcase performing arts and create a world-class theatre quarter in a spacious parkland setting.
    Boulevard Park
    Boulevard is the largest touristic hub in the country, including more than 353 thousand square meters of fabulous family fun in the area of Salmiya, a component of the trade center contains global shops, a hypermarket and a lounge entertainment interior in addition to gardens and the village restaurants and a health club and an outdoor theater and multiple Hall purposes.

    Useful information


    Kuwait generates around 65,953,480 MWh of electricity and the total consumption is about 57,784,480 MWh. The major sources of electricity in Kuwait is renewable, non-hydroelectric renewable, wind, solar, tide wave and fuel cell.

    Visa Requirements

    Kuwait has different visa types created to differentiate between the visitor’s entry requirements, lengths of stay and purpose of their trip. The Kuwait entry requirements are determined by the applicant’s nationality and reasons to visit Kuwait. Tourist e-visa, visit visa, residence visa, transit visa and entrance visa are the types of Kuwait visa.


    Kuwait does not currently have a railway system. With no trains, Kuwait residents and visitors alike must rely on buses and taxi. There are plans to build both a railway and rapid transit (metro) system in the near future connecting Kuwait City with the surrounding towns along the coast. However, buses in Kuwait are modern, efficient, and cheap. The majority are also air-conditioned, which is important in such a hot country. Taxis in Kuwait are also widespread and generally reasonably-priced to hire. They can be recognized by their yellow license plate and can be either flagged down on the street or booked in advance.


    Islam is the official religion of the State of Kuwait. Since Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran, "the Islamic Constitution", Arabic is the official language of the State of Kuwait, as stated in Kuwait Constitution. English is also widely spoken in Kuwait for business purposes and is a compulsory second language in schools. In Kuwait, there are differences between the dialects spoken in urban areas and those spoken in rural areas.


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