Press Release

Himalaya Airlines announces schedule flight fares

Subsequent to the Government of Nepal’s decision to resume schedule international flights from September 01, 2020, Himalaya Airlines has been permitted to operate schedule flights to Chongqing, Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi, where PCR tests are conveniently available. On other sectors, where PCR tests are constrained, charter repatriation flights will continue as per government decisions.

Charter Repatriation Flights and Fares

For the repatriation flights, the following government-approved fares are applicable. These fares include applicable taxes and agency commission. Passengers are thus requested to pay the published fare only and should promptly report to the Airlines in case of a demand for any extras. Any travel agency found collecting additional amount over and above the published fares will be liable for punishment according to law.

Schedule Flights and Fares

As for schedule flights, seats can be booked through Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Travel agents can book tickets through the GDS. Schedule flight fares are based on standard international practices with consideration for competitive pricing, flight economics, and market situation. Schedule flight fares are available on a range as per the table below. These are net fares inclusive of taxes, but does exclude agency service fee. A travel agency can apply a reasonable service fee for the passenger.

RBD Table for schedule flights

Mr. Vijay Shrestha, Vice President stated, “ In the collective fight against Covid-19, Himalaya has stood by the people and Government of Nepal through different kinds of contributions and the operation of repatriation flights and air transport of Covid-19 treatment equipment and medicines. For serving our passengers, we will try to keep our fares as reasonable as possible while abiding by the government directives.” To prevent the spread of the Covid-19, the Government of Nepal had suspended all international flights since last week of March 2020, however gave permission to operate special charter flights for Nepalese stranded abroad. During the suspension period, starting from June 16 till August 31, 2020, Himalaya has successfully operated 94 repatriation flights flying home total 15,635 passengers from various countries. After a five month-long suspension in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdown, Himalaya Airlines resumed its schedule flight to Chongqing from yesterday following the security protocols of both the countries.