Himalaya Airlines is recently certified with ISO 9001:2015 or Quality Management Systems (QMS) on Aug 13, 2020. The certification confirms Himalaya Airlines’ competency in providing Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering services in line with the Airline’s vision of offering highest possible standards in every area of its operation.

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First Airline in Nepal to get Approved Maintenance Organization (AM0) approval before commencement of regular scheduled flight.
First and the only Airline in Nepal to get Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO).
H9 Engineer Mr. Rajib Deep Dhakal was the first ever engineer to get NCAR Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License.
Over 85 % of the First Officers flying with Himalaya Airlines have been trained internally using internal company resources. These pilots are Nepali pilots and this has given a tremendous fillip to the pilot fraternity in Nepal.
In a period of just over a year Himalaya Airlines has been approved to carry out RNP AR approach at Kathmandu. We are the only airlines in Nepal authorized to do this approach. All crew have been trained and are in the process of being released online.
Himalaya Airlines has been authorized for Low Visibility Take Off minima of 150 m and is in the process of getting interim approval for Cat II operations. This is significant achievement for a new airlines.
Recent audits done by CAAN (local regulator),ICAO (IVSM) and GACA (Saudi Arabia) has shown flight ops to be in good health with no significant concerns or observations.